nueva tecnologia de energia eolica.

Ideas para probar en tu casa/edificio/huerta/campo/cueva y experiencias al respecto

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nueva tecnologia de energia eolica.

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Nunca habia visto esto.

Young American inventor Shawn Fayne has designed a wind power device that does not have most of these disadvantages: the windbelt. It’s the first micro-wind machine that does not try to miniaturise the concept of a big turbine, but instead takes a completely different view; the machine does not include any mechanically moving parts, but makes use of vibration.

Cheap and easy

Small prototypes of the wind membrane (it can not technically be called a windmill) have produced 40 milliwatts with a wind speed of 3 Beaufort. This makes the device 10 to 30 times as efficient as the best micro-wind turbines on the market today. That profit is made because with a traditional windmill lots of energy is lost by the friction of mechanically moving parts.


The machine would cost just a few dollars and is easy to make and repair your self. Frayne designed the Windbelt during a stay in Haiti, where houses are often still illuminated by unhealthy kerosene lamps. The prototype makes it possible to light a couple of LED-lights or to play a radio. Larger versions of the Windbelt are possible, but in that case the problem of noise emerges again (like the wind can make a string instrument ‘sing’).

However, the other drawbacks of micro-wind turbines aren’t there. Of course, even then the potential of these kinds of low-tech energy plants is very small, and they should be combined with a much lower energy usage. ... r-own.html
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