Bill Gates está financiando un eco-inodoro sustentable

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Bill Gates está financiando un eco-inodoro sustentable

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Así como se lee, Bill Gates a través de su fundación está financiando el desarrollo de un eco-inodoro sustentable que no utiliza agua pero si energía recargable:

Me tomé la molestia de renombrarlo porque tenía un nombre poco marquetinero ;)

Info del sitio:
Cranfield University is developing the Nano Membrane Toilet which will be able to treat human waste on-site without external energy or water. The toilet is designed for single-household use (equivalent to 10 people) and will accept urine and faeces as a mixture. The toilet is still under development; this is the vision of how it will work: The toilet flush uses a unique rotating mechanism to transport the mixture into the toilet without demanding water whilst simultaneously blocking odour and the user’s view of the waste.

Solids separation (faeces) is principally accomplished through sedimentation. Loosely bound water (mostly from urine) is separated using low glass transition temperature hollow-fibre membranes. The unique nanostructured membrane wall facilitates water transport in the vapour state rather than as a liquid state which yields high rejection of pathogens and some odorous volatile compounds. A novel nano-coated bead enables water vapour recovery through encouraging the formation of water droplets at the nanobead surface. Once the droplets form a critical size, the water drains into a collection vessel for reuse at the household level in washing or irrigation applications.

Following release of unbound water, the residual solids (around 20-25% solids) are transported by mechanical screw into a gasifier which will convert them into ash and energy. The energy will power the membrane processes, and there may be extra energy for charging mobile phones or other low voltage items.

The toilet will be rented by the households and maintenance will be undertaken with a trained operative responsible for the franchised area.

The Nano Membrane Toilet is being developed in response to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's Reinvent the Toilet Challenge. Cranfield University received a grant in Round 2 of the challenge to develop their concept the Nano Membrane Toilet.